Periodontal Treatments

At Bronxville Dental Care, our experienced team of hygienists and dentists provide various non-surgical gum treatments to alleviate the effects of periodontal disease. In addition to routine re-care and maintenance visits, we also perform deep cleanings, scaling and root planings, and localized delivery of antimicrobials and antibiotics into deep periodontal pockets.

Periodontal disease is a gradual infection of the gums and the supporting bone. If it is left untreated, it can ultimately lead to tooth loss. It has also been linked to many systemic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lung disease, osteoporosis, and preterm labor.

We believe in an individualized, preventive treatment plan to combat the effects of periodontal disease. We will review this plan and monitor your progress at every maintenance visit. We will also provide you with the necessary tools and teach you how to use them to achieve these goals.

To make your treatments comfortable, we use topical anesthetic gels and rinses, as well as local anesthetic.

It is essential for your overall health to maintain your periodontal health. Call Bronxville Dental Care at (914) 337-6536 so that we can assess your periodontal status and develop a customized program to help you achieve optimal oral health.