No metal. No brackets. No wires.


Bronxville Dental Care offers Invisalign®, a simple orthodontic treatment that uses a series of precision, custom-made clear aligners to gently straighten your teeth. Crooked or crowded teeth, a bad bite, or a misaligned smile leaves you at higher risk for gum disease and temporomandibular joint disease.

Invisalign® can correct many malocclusions. However, one of the easiest to correct is orthodontic relapse. If you had braces or other orthodontic treatment at an earlier point in your life and stopped wearing your retainers, you probably have had some shifting of your teeth. Invisalign® can easily correct this relapse, sometimes in as little as six months or less.

One of the best advantages of Invisalign is that the aligners are barely noticeable, since they are made from clear thermoplastic material. They are also extremely comfortable, as they are not bulky and fit exactly over the teeth. Another tremendous advantage of Invisalign is that it’s much easier to maintain excellent oral hygiene since you remove the aligners to eat, brush and floss. This means that there is a significantly lower risk of getting cavities, decalcifications, or stains, as there is with traditional metal braces.

Consider improving your smile with Invisalign® – a truly convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. We offer flexible payment plans to make this treatment affordable for you. Call Bronxville Dental Care at (914) 337-6536 to schedule your Invisalign® consultation!

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